June 17, 2014

Thunderbird + Google Calendar + Work email...

Thunderbird + Google Calendar + Work email = Work Events syncronized with GCalendar with reply from my company's email.

For some time I was unable to use one of my Google Calendars to manage my work meetings...

Finally I've got this working with all the functionalities I wanted which are:

- Use Thunderbird to manage events
- Have the work events' syncronized to one my Google Calendar (not the main one)
- Accept & Reject events sending the mail with my company's email address

How to do it? 

1. Install the Lightning plugin 

Here starts the magic:

2. Create a Google Account with your work email

3. Share your Google Calendar created with the Work Email with your "normal" Gmail account (to be able to manage all from a single Google Account)

4. Add your Google Calendar (from the Work Email Account) by CalDev using:
Where calid should be replaced by the "calendar ID" of the calendar to be accessed. This can be found through the Google Calendar web interface as follows: in the pull-down menu next to the calendar name, select Calendar Settings. On the resulting page the calendar ID is shown in a section labelled Calendar Address. The calendar ID for a user's primary calendar is the same as that user's email address.

It will be something like: https://apidata.googleusercontent.com/caldav/v2/my.work.email@work.com/events

5. (Opcional) Remove the default calendar for Thunderbird (making the one you just added as the default one)

6. (Opcional) If you are moving from an old calendar, you may export the events from that one to this new one like this.

7. Configure your Thunderbird STMP settings to send by default through your work email (to guarantee that  the invite responses are always sent by that email).

Now you are able to:

Receive invites for events and add them to your GCalendar email by accepting or rejecting


 Accept or reject sending the email from your work email instead of Gmail.

I've found somebody that explain ALMOST the same (without the Work email part) but has screenshots of each step. If your more a GUI then a console guy here's the link.

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