June 16, 2014

Use Gmail (POP) for Work Email but still be notified in real time...

I've used my Gmail as a hub for all my emails, several personal email account, work account etc.

It works great for me, as I have all the support and capabilities of Gmail specially on my smartphone which I consider as an advantage towards other solutions which are:

- Use Thunderbird or other client: The email gets stuck on one device as well as the contact list which is great when you have that device... but not so great when you don't have it near.

- Don't have multiple accounts configured just to have notifications: For example configuring Thunderbird with the IMAP accounts I want to receive notifications and also Gmail... this was a stupid solution as I had to have Thunderbird always opened and I wanted a lightweight solution.

- Use web version of each of the accounts... which is even works as I wish to have 1 place and not 5 to check often.

So.. how could I receive real-time (IMAP) notifications instead of having the delay of 30 minutes of Gmail fetch from POP?

So I've found a simple and really lighweight application for Windows that gives me that:

Gmail Notifier Pro

This small application allows me to configure all the accounts I want with IMAP, providing me notifications in "real-time" for all the accounts that Gmail fetches.

Simple, lighweight and... just gets the job done!

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