August 1, 2014


With the advent of Mobile Phones we started to store the numbers of our family and friends on the devices and slowly forgot what is our best friend phone, or our grandmother. But how can we remember any of them if we never need to remember them? The problem begins when we don't have our phone, or it runs out of battery...
Well... now you just press the name in the contact list and puff: This app helps you memorize the numbers of the people you want: Whenever you go to your contact list and try to call a number, it will only let you call it if you fill in the missing number(s).

I've really develop this when I found out an API which allowed me to intercept any outgoing call. So I started wondering what I could do as a kind of proof of concept that could use that API.

I've ended up with this really basic app, which serves to demonstrate the use of this. I suppose most of the Android users don't really want (or need) to memorize phone numbers... but it was fun to develop!

Get it on Google Play

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