August 22, 2014

Pick a Portuguese Name (or how my son made an app appear)

I recently became a father. As all fathers (I think) one of the things that took some time to choose was the name of my child.

In Portugal there are some "hard" (and weird) rules about what names can be given to a child as can be read here. So I've compiled a list of possible names (which still does not have all the names possible but is a already very extensive list) and thought that it could be fun to develop an app which provided the list of names to future parents and the meaning of each of the names.

It is still in a very early state, by I've open sourced it. If you want to help (or fork it), be my guest.

If I manage to finish it, and get to a an app that I really like the UI/UX i'll publish in the Play Store and provide here the link.

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